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Established in London in 2006, Unique Healing Approach is one of the UK’s Leading suppliers of high quality Natural Health products, Herbal supplements and Micronutrients. We supply wide range of natural supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and iron for all ages. We supply online as well as through our branches many countries in Africa, in Europe and in America.

We are honest and passionate about helping people by providing them with the best quality natural health products, which are unique in their natural composition, and formulation as well as their efficacy and safety.

The core aim of the company has always been to Promote Human Health and Well-being. 

 Our customers’ health and safety comes first.

Over the years, we had helped thousands of patients who were suffering from multiple ailments who took conventional medical drugs for so long but got only adverse side effects and no noticeable benefit.

We are committed to working with the highest level of ethics, moral principles and professionalism. Unique Healing Approach Ltd lives up to its name. We approach the human body differently. Obliged by the scientific solid evidence which resulted from our long, independent deep-digging, investigative research we now firmly belief that when dealing with pathogenic diseases the human body can ONLY be successfully healed when approached and treated holistically. With this scientific fact in mind, we developed a 'Multi-functional Natural Supplement' that contains 10 DIFFERENT amazing plants that are intended to work on the entire body holistically, hence; suitable for almost all the different pathogenic health conditions.

Please remember NEW FORMULA10 is not a single remedy. It in fact is a set of three bottles each of which containing three or four different remedies expertly formulated and professionally blended..

The name ‘New Formula10’ implies a significant change has been made to the original ingredients of the remedies. It is indicating that we reviewed, restructured and re-formulated this holistic ultimate regime which is intended to deal with all the different disorders and complaints and work on the body in its entirety..

In a nutshell; this means the 10 different plants that the original Formual10 was made from have now been replaced by new ones that have been chosen because of their safety and their amazing health benefits. 

In addition to the above mentioned holistic healing program, we have introduced a comprehensive range of health products which are all selected on their well-known health benefits and safety.

Please read the description of each product carefully so that you understand its usage and benefits clearly.

To see all the different health products that we sell please click the ‘our products’


1) Though all our products are safe for all ages, we strictly advise children under 12 not to be given the capsule-form products for possible choking.

2) Though, our remedies helped 100s of women who could not have babies to conceive, which clearly proves how safe and life-supportive our remedies are, we strongly advise those women who get pregnant  with the help of our remedies  to stop continuing these products as soon as they are confirmed pregnant

3) In June 2017 the company has launched its wholesale department and now supplies more than 300 wholesalers, resellers, and herbal companies in Africa, USA and Europe.

4) You can become one of our distributors in any country or city anywhere in the world. Because of the quality of our products, their unique health benefits and their extremely low wholesale price, you could truly make serious profits while helping those with chronic health issues.

Join us ...Become a Distributor: +254796 529 122

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